Apps to the Rescue for Kids Struggling with Virtual Schooling

The Struggles of Schooling at Home

The rapid closure of many schools to help curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus has placed a large burden on parents who are dealing with both the disruption of daily routines and how to help their kids adapt to virtual schooling. For parents of children with learning and attention issues, things are even more difficult.

One of the biggest problems is that many of these children are cut off from the one-to-one and small group support that they may have had as part of an Individualized Education Program (IEPs) is no longer available.

Apps to the Rescue

To help out, here are some recommendations for apps that can assist children with learning and attention challenges with things like completing assignments, maintaining daily schedules, and incorporating educational activities into your family routine.

  • Choiceworks Calendar ($4.99, Apple only) – The calendar provides pictures to give kids a visual view of what’s to come day-to-day for each month.
  • First Then Visual Schedule HD ($14.99, Apple only) – This app allows kids to map out a daily schedule using their own photos to plan out the day’s sequence of activities.
  • Bear Focus Timer ($1.99 for Apple, $0.99 for Google Play) – This is an app for younger children in which a friendly bear named Tom helps them focus on tasks by providing an allotted time for each one.
  • Focus Keeper (free, Apple only) – This app is also designed to help kids stay focused by using a process in which tasks are completed in short bursts, allowing time during homework sessions for breaks.
  • Go Noodle – This company offers online resources on its website as well as a free app (on Apple and Google Play) that is useful for finding new, interactive ways to encourage younger kids to engage with movement and mindfulness.
  • Bookshare – This is a service that allows kids to customize their e-book reading experience with audio, braille, large font, and other features in order to suit their individual learning needs.
  • Bedtime Math – This is a website (which also offers a free app on Apple and Google Play) where kids can find math activities that are designed to integrate into of the family daily routine.

Here are other resources where you can find apps for children with learning and attention challenges:

One additional thing you can do is share resources that work and their success stories with each other on their social media pages. And give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back for managing through the crisis!

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