4 ADHD Coaching FAQ Videos

Who has time to read anything anymore? 

We know you do because you are here after all. But we are betting that the younger you are, the less likely you are to want to read a blog post, and the more likely you are to watch the same content in a video. With that in mind, we’ve revamped our YouTube channel and are focusing on bringing you more video content you’ll want to watch and share.

We call this series of videos, ADHD FAQs. Enjoy!

What are some of the challenges of college when you have ADHD?

 The challenges of college for students with ADHD 


Why is it a good idea to disclose your ADHD?


Keeping ADHD a secret 


How does the coach match process work?


 Coach Match Process


How is coaching different from tutoring or mentoring?


A coach is not a tutor 


More resources to help you keep your Edge!
  • ADHD from A to Z: a reference guide to all the best articles on ADHD we’ve published over the last 6 years
  • College Success Guide: full of tips and tricks to help you make a smooth transition from high school to college
  • ADHD Parent Care Package: Support and encouragement for parents of teens and young adults with ADHD

Are there other issues you’d like to hear more about? Have you read a great book that’s been helpful to your family? Do you have a question about ADHD or ADHD coaching? Drop by Facebook, Twitter, G+. LinkedIn or Pinterest pages and drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you!



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