Embracing the ADHD Difference

October is ADHD Awareness Month. Our understanding of ADHD has steadily progressed since it was first formally recognized as a medical condition. For those with ADHD, life can be a constant struggle. Yet, some of the world’s most accomplished people have have overcome their diagnosis and leveraged their ADHD “super powers” to achieve extraordinary success in their field.Their stories are inspiring.

In the videos below, some of these highly successful individuals talk about their ADHD, how it impacted their lives, and how they used their ADHD difference to advantage in their careers.

Top 10 Inspirational People with ADHD – by WatchMojo

Many with ADHD have worked to help fellow sufferers, and those who love them better understand the diagnosis, how to cope with it, and how to fully embrace the ADHD difference. One of those people is Jessica McCabe. She hosts the popular Youtube channel How to ADHD. In this TEDx talk, Jessica gives a very personal and insightful account of her own coming to terms with ADHD.

Failing at Normal: An ADHD Success Story

Whatever your age or or situation, we hope these stories will inspire you to embrace your ADHD difference and create your own legend.

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