Why is ADHD coaching done over the phone?

Dear Edge Coach,

I hear ADHD coaching is done over the phone.  How can you do a good job when we’ve never met in person?


Julie M.

Dear Julie,

For many people the idea of working on the phone, instead of meeting in an office, is just strange. Although there is no prohibition against meeting in person, all of our coaches are trained to work on the phone. We do this for several reasons:

  • Using the phone takes transportation issues right out of the equation. You can get to your appointment just by picking up the phone – it’s a lot easier to be on time for your appointments!
  • There are just not that many ADD/ADHD Coaches. By working on the phone, you still have access to coaching, even if there isn’t a coach in your community. And, you can “take your coach with you” where ever you go.
  • A 30-minute appointment takes exactly 30 minutes. No commuting to and from the appointment, or waiting in the waiting room. Coaching appointments are therefore easy to fit into a busy schedule.
  • A coach and client can stay in much closer touch through the phone and email than they can if they only connected in an office. It is this extra contact that very often makes the difference in being able to stay on task and follow through.

You can also meet with your ADHD coach on Skype!

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