Students give 5 reasons to get an ADHD coach

Ever wonder what it’s like to have the benefit of and ADHD coach?  Five students who are receiving Edge ADHD coaching recently shared what they like about it with us. Here are 5 great reasons to get an ADHD coach:

 Focus on what you need to do

“Making lists for weekly work and accomplishment really helped me focus on what I needed to do.  It made my exhibitions much better.  When I break down what I need to do each week, it makes it easier to think about each task and get it done quicker.”

–Jordan T.

Find your own answers

“[Recently my coach and I] had a talk about my personal life and really being truthful about what it came down to.  I made a goal for school because my attendance was bad.  So we made up this thing where I would text [my coach or teacher] when I came to school.  And, so, I’ve been texting her, letting her know.

“It gave me this push to start improving.  I loved seeing how my priorities all fell together, so while I was improving on one priority; it makes all the other priorities better too.  I loved the support and direction coaching gives me. You see, all of these goals kinda come down to my self-image… they reflect how I feel about myself. Jaymi didn’t give me answers.  She made me ask questions.  She made me get my own answers.”

–Alicia B.

Take ownership

“Coaching taught me that you have to take ownership of your work.  I couldn’t just tell Jaymi that I didn’t get something done.  She would then ask me, “why didn’t you get it done?” and then I would have to think about the ways that I think about myself.   She told me that I’m well-equipped to get the things done that I need to get done.  But it’s the personal qualities- time management, caring about myself, that allowed me to get done what I needed to get done.  Jaymi taught me that personal qualities are things I can build and develop about myself. “

— Stephen D.

Figure out your priorities

My coach really helped me figure out my priorities.  Each week, we make lists of tasks and named the positives and negatives of each task.  That helped me figure out what was important to me.  I love coaching!

— Kymberly G.

Organize your schedule

My coach helped me organize my academic schedule. Before I took coaching I was very disorganized and had no motivation. But my coach helped me gain confidence and helped me to become a better student who works harder and more focused than I did before.

— Rozzland K.

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