Find Your Best Job When You Have ADHD

Is There an Ideal Job for Someone with ADHD?

A lot has been written about how the executive function challenges of ADHD can interfere with career success. Trouble staying focused, setting priorities and being organized can all contribute to difficulty  on the job.

But a recent survey that ADDitude magazine conducted found a surprising result. More than half of the 1,450 respondents expressed satisfaction and fulfillment with their jobs. So what’s their secret?

For these individuals, it comes down to three factors:

  • Do what you love
  • Find a job that leverages your ADHD strengths
  • Create workarounds for challenges that arise due  to your ADHD

Jobs With the Right Characteristics

If you are an adult with ADHD, selecting a career that leverages your strengths and doesn’t depend on areas of weakness may be the key to professional success.

Below are some of the job characteristics identified by experts that may be a good fit with the strengths of adults with ADHD:

  • Passion-fueled
  • High-intensity
  • Ultra-structured
  • Lightning pace
  • Hands-on creative
  • Independent risk-taker

A job that ranks high in one or more of these qualities may help you discover a career that you love.

Understanding Your Own Interests and Motivations

It is also important to take some time to reflect on your specific likes and dislikes so you can match them up with job qualities that might be good fit for your ADHD.. Sarah Sheppard recommends the following questions as a starting point:

  • What topics can you spend hours researching or talking about?
  • If you could spend your weekend doing anything, what would you do?
  • What tasks do you find boring or unfulfilling?
  • Do you find it challenging working in a team environment?
  • Do you enjoy taking charge?
  • What are your biggest pet peeves?
  • Do you enjoy the thrill of fast-paced environments?
  • What activities feel draining to you?
  • What activities excite you?
  • If money weren’t a factor, what job would you love to do?

Working with an ADHD coach who understands what you deal with each day can help you identify career opportunities that match up well with your unique capabilities and interests.



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