Can an ADHD coach help for vocational college?

Dear Edge Coach,

Can you use an ADHD coach if you are attending vocational school instead of college?


Julia, Future Dental Assistant

Dear Julia,

Absolutely!  ADHD coaches can help you reach your dreams whatever the program you are attending — technical school, vocational training, trade apprenticeship programs, undergraduate degree, community college, or a university doctoral or master’s degree program.

Coaching offers strategies to help with seven areas that can hold a student back from success:

  1. scheduling,
  2. goal setting,
  3. confidence building,
  4. organizing,
  5. focusing,
  6. prioritizing, and
  7. persisting at tasks.

Although we talk a lot about ADHD and college at the Edge Foundation, we don’t care much about what school you are attending or even if you’ve been diagnosed with ADHD for that matter!  If these are the things you struggle with, an Edge Coach can make a big difference in your life.

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