Awareness of ADHD coaching gets a boost from NPR affliate, KPLU

This week ADHD coaching received some positive attention from Tacoma, Washington’s NPR affiliate, KPLU. The program featured Edge’s innovative in-school coaching program at Tacoma’s Giaudrone Middle School.

Through coaching students learn to advocate for themselves within the classroom, stay on top of assignments and keep motivated. The pilot program is in its second year and the preliminary data is promising. Edge Project Coordinator, Tim Knifflin, reports that last year participating students improved their GPAs while disciplinary incidents decreased.

ADHD isn’t the only population that benefits from ADHD coaching. Students who have Executive Function impairments caused by trauma or chronic stress are also eligible to receive coaching.

We hope you’ll have an opportunity to share the audio clip with students you know who may be struggling and let @kplu know you appreciate their covering this important issue. Participant, Katie Beckman, sums up the experience beautifully, “I for once know that I’m not dumb, I know what I’m doing,” she says. “I know I can do this. Bring it on.”

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