ADHD & the Law: Download & Listen [Podcasts]

ADHD puts you at higher risk for a number of complications – including arrest. Did you know that people with ADHD are twice as likely to be arrested than the rest of the population?  Youth with ADHD are much more likely to take impulsive risks more often than their peers.

Recently, Robert Tudisco, our executive director, recorded a series of podcasts (and one video) with Attention Talk Radio Host, Jeff Copper. We encourage you to download and listen to these shows to arm yourself with information about your legal rights, being prepared in case of trouble, and how to avoid problems in the first place.


You’ve got ADHD, are in trouble with the law, and have been sentenced, Now what?  Doing Time vs. Taking Probation 

An ADHD Conundrum: Doing Time vs. Taking Probation


A Criminal Law Attorney’s Journey with ADHD

Rob Tudisco reveals how he manages his own ADHD. Rob is a practicing criminal defense attorney shares insights into the juvenile justice system from an ADHD perspective. This show is a must for those interested in our series on ADHD and the law.

IEPs, 504 Plans and ADHD: Advocating for Yourself

If you need to advocate for anyone in the school system, this is the show for you. Learn what you need to know before starting the process to be more effective in managing for those you are advocating for.

What you and your teen need to know before she gets in trouble.

The phone rings. Your ADHD adolescent is in trouble with the law. You’re now in the thick of it. But what three things could you have done to minimize the problem? This show outlines 3 important tips to discuss with your ADHD teens before they get into trouble.

 ADHD & Trouble with the Law: Accused But Not Sentenced

That dreaded phone call: your ADHD teen is in trouble with the law. Learn how to use your school, your student’s  and 504 and IEP to potentially avoid jail in favor of alternative programs or simply a return to school with more favorable accommodations.

 How Prison Fails Those with ADHD

Do you know someone in prison who has ADHD? This show explores how the prison environment sets an ADD-er up for failure when released back into an unstructured world. You’ll also learn why most ADHD adults in prison have graduated from the juvenile justice system, and why prisons like Riker’s Island have more inmates with mental health issues than any mental health hospital in the country. Whether you have ADHD or not, this issue impacts you.

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