ADHD pilot study results available

Earlier this month, Edge Foundation Executive Director, Sarah Wright, and researcher, Sharon Field of Wayne State University, presented Edge Foundation’s coaching pilot study results at the CHADD 21st Annual International Conference on ADHD in Cleveland, OH. As promised earlier this year, copies of our PowerPoint from this presentation are now available via email (see highlights of preliminary findings below).

Edge Foundation was well represented among the presenters. Sarah Wright and founding board member Nancy Ratey, both presented at breakout sessions, as did several of our coaches and coach trainers including Jodi Sleeper-Triplett, Russell Colver, Harriet Steinberg, Dan Pruitt, and Diane Ladd.

Preliminary findings highlights include:

  • Coaching enhanced students’ ability to think about their goals in more effective ways.
  • Students receiving coaching increased their use of tools and strategies to work more efficiently, and expanded their use of “self-talk” to persist when temporary barriers complicated their progress.
  • Coaching had helped students become more proficient and confident as they pursued their goals.
  • Students who received coaching reported a more positive sense of well-being due to their increased self-determination achieved through coaching.

Our findings were also echoed by a dissertation study presented at the conference by Abigail Levrini: ADHD Coaching and College Students: An 8 week study on 6 students.

The Edge Foundation’s nation-wide field study into the effects of ADHD coaching on outcomes for college students with ADHD will be completed next year and full study results will be available in August 2010.

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