ADHD coaching: What’s in it for me?

Dear Edge Coach,

What can I expect have happen when I’m working with an ADHD coach?

Curious in Chicago


Dear Curious,

Coaching is fundamentally all about you and what *you* want to accomplish.

It is not a class. It is not about what the coach thinks you should do. It is not what your parents think you should do.  There is no set thing you’ll need to produce by the end. It’s about you, and what you want to achieve and need some help in achieving.

In your sessions, your coach helps you get very clear on four very important things:

  1. What frustrates you? (What do you want less of in your life?)
  2. What are your goals? (What do you want more of in your life?)
  3. What are you already good at?
  4. What’s hard for you?

Then, by working through the everyday challenges that you are facing, the coach helps you to move away from the frustrating stuff and closer towards your goals. Your coach draws on her training and experience of working with other students who have similar challenges, and, using what you learn from your experiences each week, your coach helps you find ways to deal with what’s not so easy for you.

This next idea is very important:  You will get as much out of coaching as you put into it.

Remember, coaching is all about you. You are the one doing the work. The coach is helping you figure out how to work more effectively and support you as you put new habits into place. That’s why it’s good to plan for regular weekly sessions and check-ins.

Studies have shown that coaching is an effective way to address the symptoms of ADHD and other Executive Function impairments (ex. time management, procrastination, disorganization and impulsivity). Working together, you can expect to feel less stressed and more on top of your goals.

Today is a great day to see for yourself! Right now Edge Foundation is offering a free coaching session to get the ball rolling. Why not check it out today?

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  1. Shirley Moore

    My son is 20. ADHD. How much is this program?