Are there days that feel like ADHD is a burden holding you back from your dreams?  Don’t despair.  There are tons of successful people out there who have ADHD.  A recent article in Parenting listed 18 celebrities who are open with their ADHD.

  • James Oliver, Star Chef
  • Karina Smirnoff, Pro Ball-room  and Latin dancer
  • Will Smith, Actor
  • Michael Phelps, Olympic Gold Swimmer
  • Jim Carrey, Funny Man and Comedian
  • Ty Pennington,  Extreme Makeover Actor
  • Richard Branson, Funder of Virgin Airlines
  • Paris Hilton, Heiress/Socialite
  • Christopher Knight, Actor
  • Howie Mandel,  Comedian
  • Terry Bradshaw, Former NFL Quarterback
  • James Carville , Political Commentator
  • Paul Orfalea, Kinko’s Founder
  • Pete Rose, Baseball Star
  • Michelle Rodriquez, LOST Star, Actor
  • David Neeleman, Founder, Jet Blue Airways
  • Bruce Jenner, Olympic Decathlon Athlete & Kim Kardashian’s dad
  • Solange Knowles, Singer, Sister to Beyonce’

You know there’ve got to be countless other successful people out there besides them – so why not you include yourself on that list?  You might not be famous (yet) but you’ll never reach your dreams by telling yourself you can’t make it.

If you are discouraged, however, an ADHD coach can help you get back on track.  Today is a good day to start putting your application together for Shire’s ADHD coaching scholarship that includes a $2000 academic grant.

There may be reasons you aren’t on the ADHD A-List, but your ADHD isn’t one of them.  What are you waiting for?

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