What is an Edge coach?

Dear coach,
What is an Edge coach?
Wondering in Wisconsin

Dear Wondering,

The simplest answer is that an Edge Coach is a coach who works for the Edge Foundation. But that doesn’t tell you much, does it? More specifically, we ensure all of our coaches meet strict standards of life coach training and experience before they even take our specialized training to work with ADD/ADHD youth. In addition, all our coaches participate in mentoring by senior coaches as they settle into working with Edge Foundation clients.

We are proud  we have some of the best known and most experienced coaches in the business.  All of our coaches bring amazing life experience to their coaching and have a passion for working with young people who might have ADD/ADHD. Many of them have ADHD themselves, or love someone who does, or both,  so they really get it.

We take the guess work out of finding a good coach (because we ensure that all of our coaches are good), and we help you find one you really click with.

Do you have a question for the coach?  Send it to info@edgefoundation.org.  We’ve love to hear from you.

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  2. Don OCallaghan

    I have ADD I am 65 and I need a coach. I am in Massachusetts where do I go?