William Bell

William Bell retired from the Broward County School System, which at the time was the fifth largest school system in the Country. He provided 35 years of service to students, parents, staff, and communities retiring in June of 2007. He started as an Elementary teacher and moved into administration after seven and half years. During his career he served as the Principal three different Elementary Schools, one Middle School, and finished his final six years as Principal of Pompano Beach High School.

In addition to these school responsibilities he served as the chairman of the Elementary School Principals for a year and then was elected to be the chairman of the Middle School Principals as well. His willingness to serve on numerous District and Advisory Committees over his 26 years as a Principal should also be noted. The district utilized him as one of the Interaction Management trainers for future administrators. Raising two children with his wife during these years helped impress on him the importance of providing a quality educational program for all students. Since retiring he has become the driver of their 42 ft. motorhome, which has opened up many new life experiences.