Murphy McCalley

McCalley Consulting, LLC independent financial consulting practice, established in 1995, specializes in the area of public finance with emphasis on transportation and transit-related clients.  Murphy McCalley, Principal, McCalley Consulting, LLC is a recognized expert in public transit finance, with over 30 years experience as a CFO of major transit agencies, an investment banker, and a transportation finance consultant.  He developed and implemented the first lease financing, which leveraged federal section 9 grant funds.  Mr. McCalley executed the first cross-border lease involving federally funded assets, which became the basis for the FTA cross-border leasing guidelines.  In addition, Mr. McCalley completed the first U.S. leveraged lease (Leasehold) transaction involving a public transit agency.  Since the firm’s inception in 1995, Mr. McCalley has successfully completed over $10 billion in U.S. lease transactions.

Mr. McCalley currently is serving as the Vice Chair of the Alameda County Transportation Commission Independent Watchdog Committee and is an active member of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Oakland, Alumni Booster Club.

Mr. McCalley was the founder and past Chair of the California Transit Finance Corporation (CTFC), which was formed to assist transit agencies with financing capital projects.  Mr. McCalley has also served as past Chair of the APTA Financial Management Committee.  In 1990, Mr. McCalley was awarded the Urban Mass Transit Administration (now the Federal Transit Administration) Administrator’s Award for Innovative Finance.  He holds an MPA in finance from California State University, Long Beach.