How to select an ADHD coach

Dear Edge Coach,

I’ve decided that an ADHD coach sounds right for me. What do I look for when selecting a coach?

Signed, Ready to work

Dear Ready,

Coaching is a contract in which you and your coach define your goals and plan how to achieve those goals. You provide the goals, the coach provides structure, support and accountability. When selecting a coach look for someone who :

  • Is certified through a reputable program that involves ADHD coach training geared toward students.
  • Understands the unique challenges you face with your ADHD in a school environment and in your life.
  • Is flexible and one you feel comfortable with (this is not a decision for your parents to make – the coach is working with you!).
  • Offers the option of working by phone/Skype or in person if necessary.
  • Is comfortable working, as needed, in coordination with your therapist, tutor, faculty advisor or other professionals for your best interest.

A good coach will help you identify and gravitate towards your strengths, while navigating around your weaknesses. Working with the right coach you soon find you’re stronger at advocating for yourself and your stress is dramatically reduced because you are on track and following a plan. Good luck!

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