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Resources for college bound ADHD students








Parents, do you have a student with ADHD graduating from High School this month? Please accept our congratulations! We know you’ve been a huge part of this accomplishment. After all, nearly 30% of students who have ADHD drop out of high school!

You’ve probably been worried for some time now about how your son or daughter is going to handle the new responsibilities of college. You are absolutely justified in your fears. Heading off to college (even when staying home and attending a local school) raises a whole new set of issues for students.

Two helpful resources for you to download today!

Download these free resources today to absorb while you’re on an airplane or kicking back on the beach. But don’t wait too long! Summer is the best time to put into place supports for your new college freshman. Many colleges have preadmission assignments that begin in August. So thinking about it now is not too soon!

  1. Robert Tudisco – Transitioning ADHD kids to college. This 30 minute podcast may be longer than the typical show you listen to, but it’s well worth the download. Rob, Executive Director of the Edge Foundation and parent to a young adult, discusses what pitfalls of transitioning to college to look out for and what you, as a parent, can do to help your child stay on track.
  2. ADHD College Success Guide. Print this out or download it on your Kindle – then get your son or daughter to read it! The guide is packed with tips and ideas your student can start practicing today. It will also help her “hit the ground running” and not be caught unaware by the new challenges of college.

A big thank you to  Marianne Russo who hosts Coffee Klatch. Coffee Klatch is a podcast that provides guidance and support to those dealing with children with mental illness, disabilities or autism. Her goal is to help parents put aside labels and support the incredible kid behind the diagnosis.

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