Am I ready for an ADHD coach?


Am I ready for an ADHD coach?  [Quiz]After working with lots of ADHD students just like you, we’ve found some students are more likely to succeed with coaching than others.

Coaching works best when there is a significant gap between where you are at and what you want to achieve. You also need to be willing to change and to experiment with new ways of doing things.  Is there a gap? Are you willing to experiment?

Not everyone is ready for coaching. This quick self-assessment will give you a good idea of how ready you are to start working with an ADHD coach.

Down load the Am I ready for an ADHD coach? Assessment then give Denise, our Coach Match Maker, a call (1-888-718-8886) to get your questions answered.


Thanks to Edge ADHD Coach, Ann Imrie-Howlett, for developing this fantastic tool!

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2 Responses

  1. Sarah Gogstetter
    | Reply

    Do you mind if I borrow use this form in my coaching business?

    • Peggy -- Edge blogger
      | Reply

      Certainly, and we hope you will also help spread the news about the rest of the great content available on the Edge blog.

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