Robert Perkins

Robert Perkins – Regional Manager / Edgeucator – Staten Island, New York City

Robert Perkins enthusiastically represents the Edge Foundation to schools, educators, after school programs and youth-serving organizations, parents, and others interested in understanding the program. He is the key regional representative of the Edge Foundation in informing schools, after school programs and youth-serving organizations, parents and others about the Edge training and coaching program. Part of his responsibilities include recruiting schools and other organizations to receive Edge training and coaching.

As a former school director which brought programs in, he received Edge training and oversaw the program in his school and came away very impressed at the transformation of the scholars there. He has given the people chosen a voice. It is a student lead conversation that gives that person a chance to be creative in their thinking, take ownership of their challenges and conquer them.

Graduated from Forsyth day school – 1981

High temple of Praise- Family Counseling

Youth Counseling-Certified

Mediation – Certified

Conflict Resolution – Certified

Therapeutic Crisis Intervention for schools – Certified

Family Engagement – Certified

Community Engagement – Certified

Business Owner

Co- Founder- Staten Island Helping Hands Foundation

Former School Director

Former Conflict Resolution Coordinator


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