Page Kalkowski
Regional Manager

Page Kalkowski is an evaluation and technical assistance professional, with a decade of evaluation and technical assistance experience working primarily for federally funded educational programs, and an addiction counselor with several years of experience in evaluating clients, conducting individual counseling, and leading groups. She has worked in the educational field in multiple states including six states in the northwest region and five states in the northeast, with a particular focus on schools in Manhattan, and had conducted regional collaboration with other areas in the United States as well. An insightful evaluator, counselor, and trainer, Page draws upon the lessons learned from her professional experience, as well as her PhD in Design and Evaluation of Educational Programs from Stanford University, and her Certified Alcohol and Drug Counseling certificate, to provide quality guidance to the southern Washington and Oregon regions of Edge.  Thanks to her commitment and intelligence, many educational programs and clients have been helped to improve outcomes.

A native of Germany and New Jersey, Page graduated from Jefferson Township High School in 1977 and then attended Rutgers University, earning her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 1981. She received a Masters of Education at Rutgers Graduate School of Education in 1985, and completed a PhD at Stanford in 1992 along with an education specialist (EdS) degree in educational evaluation. She received her counseling certificate at Portland Community College in 2014 and later went on to teach Ethics in Addictions Counseling there.

Page believes her Edge Foundation work as a Regional Manager/Edgeucator is nothing if not student–centered. She looks forward to continuing to support schools and other organizations that wish to provide the proven benefits of coaching to all those with Executive Function challenges.