Erin Wilson – Regional Edgeucator

Erin Wilson has a passion for students of all ages—she has worked at a variety of colleges, runs a day camp for over 200 kids and teens each summer, has taught middle school, and spent years as a tutor and a Governess. She completed her Master’s Degree in Education and two coaching programs through JST Coaching before getting her International Coach Federation coaching credential.  She is a member of the Edge Team as a Private Client Edge Coach. Erin brings a casual and fun-loving approach to working with students where she strives to empower them through life, academic, and social skill-building; she believes strongly in a balance of challenge and support. Identifying as a person with a disability herself, Erin spent time working on legislation in Washington DC for the newly amended American’s with Disabilities Act. Personally, she is a huge fan of Mister Rogers for the way he related and spoke to, and advocated for, children.