Craig Shurick

Craig Shurick

Working with Educational Leaders in all markets to endorse, support, and enhance client efforts to implement the Edge Foundation’s principles and objectives. Assisting to provide the shift to coaching from teaching, mentoring and advising.

Why Edge:  Chose to work at Edge to support the “gap students,” those whose Executive Function Skills are not fully developed. Students who suffer from developmental Issues, learning disabilities, PTSD, trauma, and/or ADHD are often the same individuals who struggle with academics and fail to thrive without targeted intervention.

Degrees: (B.S. Pre-medical Biology, B.A. Education, M.A. School Administration and A.B.D. (M.A.+ 90 credits) in School Administration

Work History: K-12 Teacher, K-12 Principal, WA State Director of Operations for School Improvement at OSPI; Consultant: Scholastic Inc., Center for Educational Excellence, and OSPI Leadership K-12

Volunteer History: Contributed a library to Mary’s Place (Seattle’s Family Homeless Shelter), worked with Salvation Army and Seattle Union Gospel Mission; helped to establish Read 360 for NFL teams (starting with Seattle Seahawks to now include 11 teams) to read to children in impoverished public schools

Association Memberships: Washington Association of School Administrators, Association of Washington School Principals, and Association of School Curriculum Development