At the Edge Foundation we know from personal experience how frustrating it can be to watch our children flounder. Even if they are bright and well meaning, they just can’t seem to keep it together, at least not without a lot of help. Watching the failures happen time and time again is maddening and heartbreaking. And those failures add up. For both of you.

We also know how hard it is to find the right solution: medications, diet, supplements, brain exercises, therapy, tutors, 504s, IEPs … the list of possible interventions goes on.

Research shows that it is a combination of things, a so-called multimodal approach, that often works best. The traditional multimodal approach is a combination of medication, therapy, and life style changes.

While professional coaching is not a substitute for this approach, at the Edge Foundation we believe personal coaching is a critical and highly effective part of the solution. More and more experts in the treatment of executive functioning disorders are advocating for coaching as the piece that has been missing up until now.

How Coaching Can Help Students with ADD/ADHD

Coaching is particularly well-suited to helping students with ADD/ADHD. Many of the strategies coaches offer are precisely the kinds of skills that are needed most. In addition, the focused and personalized one-on-one approach of coaching works particularly well with young people.

Here are seven areas that Edge Coaches often work on with their clients:

  1. Scheduling,
  2. Goal setting,
  3. Confidence building,
  4. Organizing,
  5. Focusing,
  6. Prioritizing, and
  7. Persisting at tasks.

Although we talk a lot about ADD and ADHD at the Edge Foundation, we don’t care much about labels and diagnoses. If these are the things you child struggles with, an Edge Coach can make a big difference in your child’s life.

How an Edge Coach Can Help You

Raising a child with executive functioning issues is tough on parents. Getting your child a coach can do more than help your child succeed, it can help you too, and even save you money over time!

  • An Edge Coach can help end the homework wars. When a coach is working with your still-at-home child, you won’t have to spend so much time riding herd on the homework and making sure it gets done.
  • An Edge Coach can help your student learn to be more organized so more homework will get handed in, there can be fewer things lost, and fewer frenzied last minute searches for misplaced things.
  • An Edge Coach can help your student learn to manage time. Think of what life might be like without running late all the time or procrastinating until the last minute!
  • An Edge Coach can help an individual learn to manage money. Bounced checks are expensive mistakes.
  • Teen drivers with executive functioning issues are prone to parking tickets, speeding tickets, and accidents. An Edge Coach can help encourage safe driving habits and help avoid the expense, hassle, and perhaps heartache of driving mishaps.
  • A failed college course is an expensive failure. An Edge Coach can help your student succeed.
  • An Edge Coach is an expert in executive functioning challenges. An Edge coach can provide you with the information and resources you and your child need, saving you time and money.

As this list shows, the benefits of working with an Edge Coach can benefit everyone.