July 9-12, 2018
4 one hour in-class sessions
plus a 30 min. group coaching session

If you are wondering
how to find the right career path for you,



“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined”
– Henry David Thoreau


A Career Exploration Webinar Course

Take a life-changing journey with Coach Michelle Raz to discover your life’s passion and career aspirations in this 4 session interactive webinar course and receive a group coaching session as well!  

The cost is $497.

As an added bonus, you also get a 30 minute private coaching session
($75 value).

Here is what you get:

► Pursue your educational or career dream in a step-by-step, interactive process .
► Identify your key strengths, talents and desires and how they relate to your chosen career path
► Explore a career that combines your interests, accomplishments,  skills, aptitudes, dreams and values
► You also receive one 30 minute group coaching session ($75 value)





Michelle Raz, M.Ed., BCC, is an ADHD and Career Coach who is Board Certified by the Center for Credentialing and Education. She has over 2,500 hours of coaching experience, and has been a member of the Edge Foundation coaching team since 2010. Michelle has a certificate as a Career Services Specialist from Wilma Fellman, career counseling expert, trainer and author of Finding a Career That Works for You. She also earned a Certificate of Advanced Coaching Skills Practicum from world-renown ADHD coaching expert Jodi Sleeper-Triplett.

You can learn more about Coach Raz at www.razcoaching.com

“I find immense satisfaction seeing clients empowered and dreaming of life possibilities…..”
– Coach Michelle Raz


“Michelle is very kind, and caring. She helped our college aged son find a career path and navigate towards independence.”
– Bob and Tina, Texas

“The coaching sessions have been great. It was beneficial to process different ideas with someone open to hear.”
– Jason, California

” I have continually been impressed with Coach Raz,  In the time I have known her, my income and business has more than doubled!  Every suggestion she has made, resulted in an improvement. She is also wonderful ideas for balancing your personal life. Michelle is a gem!!! ”
– Jill,entrepreneur


Session 1  – Career development and earlier career dreams and interests.

Session 2 – Identify your skills, accomplishments and aptitudes.

Session 3: How your personality traits, work and leisure values factor into career choice.

Session 4: Identify your challenges and possibilities to overcome them. Sign up for a coaching session.




What is Career Exploration Webinar Course about?
This career exploration webinar course concentrates on looking into one’s strength, interests, personality, aptitude and creating strategies to overcome any obstacles related to executive functioning deficits that may keep one from pursuing their dreams in a particular career.

Is this class a career coaching class?
This course will help you identify your passionate career path through an interactive program that incorporates class work in a workshop setting and career coaching as well.

How can this class help me?
If you are struggling with deciding what career is best for you or how to incorporate your best strengths into a career, this will help you to reach your own potential in a given career.

Who is this class geared toward?
This is course is best for a college student or recent graduate. High school students who are looking at which major to declare will find this beneficial as well.

What types of things will participants be working on?

  • Career Development and early career dreams and interest
  • Skills, accomplishment and aptitude
  • How personality traits factor into career choices
  • Prioritizing work and leisure values
  • Personal challenges and possibilities to overcome them

What is expected of the participant in the class?

  • Be on time
  • Internet connection
  • Participate in online activities
  • Computer knowledge with live webinars helpful
  • Courteous of others during discussions

Is there study work or homework for the participant in the class away from the webinar?
There will be a point during course that you will be asked to research areas that you have identified as career interests.

What age group is this class geared toward?
Participants need to be 17 years or older.

Is this class for graduating seniors in high school or younger?
Yes, if they are contemplating which major to pursue or career path

Is this class for students in college?
Yes, this is an excellent course to identify your strengths, interests and pathway to your dream career. Or make sure you are on the right track and what steps to take next.

What about adults taking this class who are in the work place?
This would be a good course for adults who are feeling that they may need a change of career to redefine themselves or find a new passion that better aligns with their interests, skills and lifestyle. We will be offering a class geared towards this type of client in the near future.

Will parents be involved?
No, this course is designed for the client. If parents have questions, please contact the instructor after the client has signed appropriate release of information documents.

How many self-study hours each week?
Up to 2 hours depending on the week of research. .

What if I miss a class?
Recordings available.

How many in-class hours?
4 hours while in sessions, plus a 30 minute private coaching session available within a 2 week window after the webinar course is done.

How many self-study hours?
4 one hour in class sessions plus one 30 minute group coaching session.

What is the cost of this class?
The cost is $497.

How do I get more information?
Contact Denise von Pressentin at Edge Foundation 206.632.9497.




Questions about this webinar? Contact Denise von Pressentin at Edge Foundation 206.632.9497.

Want to learn more about Edge Foundation and coaching, check here at https://www.edgefoundation.org.