In-School Training

The Edge Foundation provides three types of training in schools:

  • Edge Coach training
  • Teacher & staff training
  • Leadership training

We offer training in Edge coaching techniques for every member of the school team. Learn more.

Become an Edge Private Coach

At the Edge Foundation we provide coaching that gives youth the edge they need to successfully manage their lives and their executive functioning challenges so they can reach their full potential.

We have recruited and trained some of the best coaches in the business. Join us and discover the benefits of being an Edge Coach.  Learn more.

Edge Coach CCEU Classes

The Edge Foundation offers Career & Life Planning Services Specialty Training for its private coaches. This is a 6-week distance training class designed to give ADHD Coaches the competencies, tools and expertise needed to assist clients in the “career piece” of the coaching process. Participants may choose to receive either 13 CCEU’s from the International Coach Federation (ICF) or 13 CCEU’s from the Center for Credentialing & Education (CCE) after completion of the training. Participants will gain specific knowledge, tools and expertise needed to work with individuals with ADHD on career issues, both initial, long-term decisions and evolving issues in mature adults. Learn more.

Public Webinars

The Edge Foundation offers webinars to the public. We are currently offering a new and expanded training webinar series, “Behind the Wheel With ADHD”.

Created and developed by Gayle Sweeney and Ann Shanahan, this multi-module webinar is designed for parents, coaches and professionals supporting drivers with Executive-Function challenges such as ADHD. Learn more.