When applying for any of the positions below, please provide a resume and cover letter and email to Neil Peterson at: npeterson@edgefoundation.org.

Chief Operating Officer

The Edge mission is to provide every at risk child, adolescent and young adult with an Edge trained coach, just like the executive coaches that CEO’s receive

The Edge Foundation believes that if we can provide executive coaches for CEO’s in this country, then we should be able to provide coaches for at risk youth.

Now in our tenth year, the Edge Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, provides Edge Training and Edge Coaches to more than 50 schools, as well as after-school organizations, foster parents, and juvenile justice organizations in Washington State, Oregon, California, and New York. We also have over 100 specially trained Edge Coaches who provide individual Edge Coaching in the U.S. and Canada. In addition, Edge provides college guides, parent guides and other publications and seeks to raise awareness of coaching for youth.

We run a lean operation so nearly all funds raised can go directly to helping young people. Edge employs three full-time staff and numerous part-time staff. Edge offers a highly-qualified and involved Board of Directors, and a CEO/Chairman/Founder who devotes substantial time to the organization and a motivated staff.

Edge, founded by the Chairman of the Board Neil Peterson, is today growing and prospering with revenue streams from services provided, as well as individual, corporate and foundation grants. Our current operating budget is over $1.3 million. Within the next ten years following our strategic business plan we plan to be a $90 million dollar organization impacting more than 2 million young people.


  • A passion for and a commitment to giving youth tools for succeeding in life and for the Edge mission
  • Has the grit, resilience and work ethic to spend the time and energy needed to be successful
  • Very entrepreneurial. Is creative, adaptable and is energized to capture opportunities as they emerge
  • A personable and proven communicator who can comfortably operate within educational and other youth organizations serving very diverse populations
  • Authentic, intelligent, solutions-oriented and can build trust and rapport across organizations, both internally and externally
  • Has the potential to be Chief Executive Officer

The successful candidate working with the CEO will have the opportunity to create the future for Edge and to grow and refine it.

Edge is a virtual organization.  Position can be performed from any location.

Salary commensurate with experience.

The Edge Foundation is continually looking for qualified and motivated individuals to be Regional Edgeucator / Managers and Fidelity Managers for our rapidly growing In-School Coaching program. Please see the job descriptions for both of these positions below.

When applying for one of these positions, please submit your resume and a cover letter.

Regional Edgeucator / Manager

The Regional Edgeucator’s mission is to get the Edge Foundation’s training and coaching to as many young people as possible as quickly as possible.  In addition he/she ensures the delivery of high quality Edge training and coaching in schools and other organizations in their region.


  • Enthusiastically represents the Edge Foundation to schools, educators, after school programs and youth-serving organizations, parents, and others interested in understanding the program.
  • Is the key regional representative of the Edge Foundation in informing schools, after school programs and youth-serving organizations, parents and others about the Edge training and coaching program
  • Signs up schools and other organizations to receive Edge training and coaching.
  • Understands clearly what each partner’s mission, goals and challenges are.
  • Thinks creatively with partner’s personnel about how Edge can help the school address those missions, goals and challenges.
  • Reports to Edge Program Director the progress made, successes and problems encountered, and solutions being implemented.
  • Ideal candidate would be someone with has had years of experience in the region, knows the community, can easily talk to local leaders of schools, support services and youth-serving organizations in their region, a natural self-starter, relates well with people, and has a passion for helping kids and for helping teachers and other staff. Part time initially, but could grow over time.



Fidelity Manager


  • Works with Edge Coaches in each organization or school to provide continuing education and help with Coaching issues that may arise.
  • Follow-through and support
    • Regularly communicates with Edge Coaches, analyzes what the feedback is saying about how well Edge is working and makes plans to continuously improve Edge Coach Training and continuing education.
    • Supports the coaches; coaches the coaches; arrange for additional training if necessary (e.g. telephone call with a trainer or regular appointment, whatever is necessary.)
    • Meets with Coaches to make progress on frustrations and find solutions.
  • Reports to Edge on the progress made, problems encountered, and solutions being implemented.
  • Enthusiastically represents the Edge Foundation to schools, educators, after school programs, coaches, parents, and others interested in understanding the program. Ensures that all Edge In-School Coaches can do the same.



Social Media Coordinator


The person in this position will be responsible for:

  • Managing social media posts on the foundation’s Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest social media sites
  • Implementing strategies to build the foundation’s social media presence in terms of audience size and engagement, as well as engagement with key influencers
  • Supporting the foundation’s public relations campaigns with social media coverage
  • Support the foundation’s participation in donor campaigns – e.g., Give Big
  • Providing monthly social media analytics reports


Part-time, 3-4 hours per week