William Bell

William Bell retired from the Broward County School System, which at the time was the fifth largest school system in the Country. He provided 35 years of service to students, parents, staff, … Read More

Bob Cunningham

Bob Cunningham, EdM – Senior Advisor

Bob Cunningham is a nationally known education leader whose career has focused on students who learn and think differently.  Bob serves as Executive Director, Learning Development and is a founding expert on … Read More

Ted Mandelkorn

Ted Mandelkorn, M.D.

Dr. Mandelkorn trained in pediatrics and adolescent medicine, and he was a mental health fellow under Dr. Michael Rothenberg at the University of Washington.  Dr. Mandelkorn’s interest in ADHD has grown over … Read More

Caroline Hill

Caroline Hill is a thought leader who lives, works, and designs at the intersection of education, innovation, and equity. Her work inspired the creation of equityXdesign, a powerful design framework that merges the … Read More

Sharmeela Medriatta

Sharmeela Medriatta has been Vice President for Family & Community Support Services Graham Windham since 2011. Graham Windham was founded by Eliza Schuyler Hamilton in 1806 as the first private orphanage in … Read More